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The Unfinished History
of the
Railway Convalescent Homes

By John Whitehouse

This 57 page book traces the history of the Railway Convalescent Homes from 1899 through to 1986.

A number of the books were gifted to Dawlish Local History Group in September 2022 following the closure of the Dawlish Railway Convalescent Home, the last of the Railway Convalescent Homes. The closure according to the RCH web site resulted from ...a steady decline in guests over the last ten years and the impact of the Covid-19 virus being still prevalent meant that it was a stretch too far and it is no longer viable for the Charity to continue to operate in its traditional manner. The Trustees, all with railway backgrounds, are now considering how to redefine the Charity to accommodate changing care needs and continue as such for our Railway and Transport beneficiaries. (Sept 2022)

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