The Teignmouth Inn reborn 50 years ago.
In 1973 Teignmouth Hill was to be widened, however the Teignmouth Inn was in the way,
so the solution for Heavitree Brewery was to purchase three adjoining cottages behind the pub
and convert them into the new Teignmouth Inn.

  by Suzanne Jones. Published on this web site Juney 2023.

List of memorials inside St Gregory
In 2023 David Allanach creatated a comprehensive list of memorials inside the church of St Gregory which can be viewed by clicking the link.

The Post Office in Dawlish over 220 years
The public mail service, The Royal Mail, was introduced by Charles I in 1635.
The article looks at the history of the postal service in the Dawlish area from inception through to 2022.
  by Suzanne Jones. Published on this web site July 2022.

The Lawn and Tucks Plot - constant but changing.
Since its creation the Lawn has been a constant feature in the heart of Dawlish. Its boundaries have not changed in two hundred years, nor its purpose, nor its main layout and yet throughout that time there have been changes. This article looks at some of those changes.
  by David Allanach. June 2022.

Going soon
The effect of Network Rail's proposed changes to the seafront around the station.
  by David Allanach. July 2020.

Dawlish Beaches 1770-2020
A look at how the use of Dawlish beaches have changed.
  by David Allanach. June 2020.

Armchair Ramble (pdf)
A ramble around Dawlish from the comfort of your armchair based on a selction of postcards in the Maurice Criddle collection,
  by Keith Gibson. May 2020.

Lost Pubs and Hotels of Dawlish. (pdf)
Based on a walking tour by Suzanne Jones,
  a member of DLHG. January 2019.

A visit to the Devon Rural Archive.
Tuesday 2nd May 2017 - Dawlish Local History Group visit to the Devon Rural Archive, Shilstone House and Grounds.
Pictures by David Gearing.

A DAWLISH BOY - John Jeffrey Nicholls
  Extracts from a collection of his letters edited by Tricia Whiteaway

Herbert TRUMAN
by Tricia Whiteaway & Jenepher Allen

Sir Walter Raleigh at The Priory?
by Bob Vickery

A pamphlet providing historical perspectives on contemporary issues in Dawlish in 1996/7
from an early DLHG publication
by Bob Thompson, long-serving Chair of the History Group